Why Flyers Are Still In

Have you ever wondered why, despite living in an increasingly digital world, flyers are still being used?

Flyers are indispensable marketing tools for a variety of reasons. It’s been used for decades, even centuries, simply because they get the job done! They are also very effective for everyone. Whether your business involves education, leisure and travel, marketing, or anything else under the sun, you can rely on flyers to get your message across.

Here are four other reasons why flyers are still relevant:

  1. They’re Low-CostFlyers are extremely cost-effective. Nowadays, when a digital footprint is imperative for business survival, flyers are an affordable supplementary tool to increase your reach. You can spend a lot of money overhauling your website and hiring managers to help with your social media but still end up falling short of your desired reach. Flyers help augment your efforts.
  2. They’re Easy to UseUnlike other marketing tools, flyers are extremely simple. Are you planning to launch an event? Simply hand out flyers. What’s great is that you don’t even have to do the actual hand out. You can widen your reach by leaving a few flyers in key locations such as coffee shops, libraries, stores, gyms, restaurants and hotel lobbies—your options are limitless.
  3. People Love to Touch ThingsHumans are innately social beings. And while we are starting to get the hang of interacting virtually, we still have not figured out a replacement for our need for tactile experiences.In a way, utilizing flyers is akin to writing love letters in a time when most people expect only direct messages on social media. It has that vintage feel, so it becomes a topic of conversation.
  4. They’re PersonalizedNot in a literal way, of course. But by using flyers, there’s a greater chance of getting to know your customers in a more personal way. You can ask them about their opinions face-to-face and even request them to share the flyers with others.Digital interactions mean that the time it takes to develop trust in one another has been prolonged. Whereas, the opposite happens if you can see who you’re talking to in person. It just makes interactions and transactions easier.

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